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AI Assisted Data Entry Operator - Europe

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This project consists of training a spatial 3d Artificial Vision. The job requires watching video footage and fixing spatial information about it. It is a standard five days a week, 8 hours per-day job. The current position requires to start rotating the start day of the week eventually; for example, it will begin to Monday to Friday, but the five days of the week will be modified to Wednesday to Sunday, Thursday to Monday, or similar, for short periods (once a month, maximum twice a month).

The candidates MUST be in the European Union due to data protection restrictions, mainly in Bulgaria. There is a training period to learn how to do the job; the communication is in English, and candidates must be able to communicate and read/write English.

The service contract is signed with my LLC, and NDA agreements are in place with my company and the client. Candidates MUST have a computer and a good internet connection. Depending on current needs, there are several shifts during the day, from 7 am to 1 pm. Please indicate if there are some periods of the day you cannot work.

You can share further information in private.

The interviews will be conducted through video chat and will take 30 minutes maximum. One interview is in English with the Director in Chicago, and the second interview can be conducted in Bulgarian with the Operations Manager located in Sofia. The Lead of the client will also interview every candidate.

A demo of the job will be conducted after signing an NDA.

After a period of time, candidates can be hired in Bulgaria; the initial contract is with an entity in the United States.


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