ML & AI Researcher

  • Remote
  • Europe

The position

As a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence researcher, your job at Oliant will spearhead the company's efforts in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Vision, LLMs, and related practices, such as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc. You will also be a fundamental asset to the company in achieving growth, enhancing your skills, researching different solutions, completing certifications, and leading proof-of-concept scenarios.

You are a passionate researcher, curious, and insightful. Oliant already has an agenda of potential use cases that must be developed. Those use cases vary based on different markets in which the company is trying to establish a presence; your job will be to solidify those ideas into small products, primarily for demo purposes to potential clients. You will also work on specific certifications, which are commercially designed to open the spectrum of clients through official partnerships, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

We expect you to lead our research department, following the company’s strategic ideas. Oliant will be a Cloud Partner, an Artificial Intelligence practices leader, and a company that could bring the best ideas to the table using AI and LLMs.

You might also join the delivery efforts if you need to. In that case, we expect you to build clients’ ideas, join the development team, and guide a hybrid group of developers that could consist only of Oliant developers, client developers, or both. In that case, the research position will turn into a complete Machine Learning or Data Scientist position for the period we consider necessary.

You will also start working with some of our current members, who are on the path to becoming data scientists, AI developers, or in similar roles, to begin building our practices in the area. You will share some of the projects and initiatives with them, coaching them if we consider it necessary.

You will also be flexible to pivot if we switch gears based on potential leads, partnerships, projects we need to quote, or other reasons.

You will be a crucial part of our company. This is the beginning of something big, and we want you to be the one that takes us to the future we are planning.

Your weekly duties

We're hoping you'll allocate your time in the most efficient way possible. Most of the time, you will have complete flexibility in hours worked, but we hope you will be committed to our company. Research is a very creative task; ideas can flow differently from person to person. At a minimum, we expect you to be available once or twice a week for the Project Manager and interact with our core teams in Chicago to sync up and evaluate status.

We will also define high-level goals that must be achieved. Certifications are one of these goals. We expect to become Google Partners, and you will be assigned at least one certification in that cloud partner to be completed in a reasonable time.

Our commercial efforts will always dictate the guidelines; you will be responsible for designing the solutions, evaluating feasibility, determining complexity, and communicating all this to our business and management personnel.

Equipment and intellectual property

The materials and intellectual property produced during your time in the company belong to Oliant. Therefore, we will always encourage you to only create documents in Oliant space. Code must be uploaded to GitHub, in private mode, and shared with the members of the team that we decide. Clients, leads, partnerships, vendors, or other companies Oliant works with cannot be disclosed. In most cases, we will have a non-compete agreement where they cannot hire you. The documentation shared with you is entirely under the NDA agreement.

All material consumed or produced will always be private unless we communicate the opposite.

During your time in the company, you will contact leaders in different areas, C-Level Management, and directors of companies, and we will also disclose several high-level members of partners that we have access to. You cannot disclose this information or mention that we are working with them unless we publicly release it as a company.

We also understand that you will need access to different platforms, materials, and even equipment in the future. We will evaluate every requirement deemed necessary. For example, cloud accounts, courses (Pluralsight is our favorite platform), and advanced computers when a project requires them.