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QA Automation Engineer

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Your role as a QA Automation Engineer is to write scripts and create automation environments for repeated tests. Using different automation tools, you will design, test, and deploy effective test automation solutions. Your goal is to automate as much of the testing effort as possible with a minimum set of code.

Skills Required:

Technical - Require programming skills to write computer code and scripts in common computer languages, such as Javascript, Python

Suggest /Make framework enhancements to accommodate the scripting needs

Analytical skills – Analytically examine reports, prioritize necessary tests, and streamline application functions through automated testing processes

Attention to detail – Being detail oriented is required as you will test web and mobile applications to find ways to improve them and isolate problems

Communication skills – Strong verbal communication skills to effectively collaborate with the engineering team and create testing plans and written reports showing errors


Automation testing tools: Selenium or Cypress

API testing tools that require strong coding skills to create tests: REST Assured, RestSharp, jMeter, etc. (optional);

End to end testing, regression, functional.

Continuous Integration tools

Jenkins, Bit bucket, Github (nice to have)

JIRA – Defect tracking and task creation tool


Write, design, and execute automated tests by creating scripts that run testing functions automatically;

Maximize test coverage for the most critical features of the system;

Determine the priority for test scenarios and create execution plans to implement these scenarios;

Write documentation for automated processes including test plans, test procedures, and test cases;

Build test automation frameworks;

Log and document bugs in the tracking system;

Besides writing automated tests, Test Automation Engineers can still do exploratory testing when they need to understand how functionality manifests itself to the customer.

Qualifications and Certification:

6-8 years Automation experience is required;

Experience with Agile methodology is preferred


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