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USA - Entry Level Developer

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Project Description:

You will translate program specifications into actionable computer code as an entry-level programmer. You will further implement the code and resulting software into our client's computer systems. Additionally, you will be responsible for unit testing and may help to train clients if needed.

Programmer – Entry-Level Responsibilities and Duties

Study program specifications to better understand performance expectations and coding requirements.

Collaborate with Senior Programmers to plan for coding and overall program development.

Research solutions to coding and performance issues.

Regularly update the project manager on progress and time estimations to ensure smooth daily operations and accurate planning.

Translate program performance expectations documents into logical programming sequences and, ultimately, into code.

Perform trial runs in later coding stages and modify any existing and potential issues.

Document control language for advanced troubleshooting reference documents.

Advance professional development through active participation in industry organizations, reading programming publications, and pursuing educational opportunities.

Qualifications and Skills

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Programming, University's training course, Coding Boot Camps

Less than two years of experience

Great attention to detail

Persistent and positive attitude

Complete understanding of software fundamentals

Creative problem solver

Proficient with popular languages such as C#, Python, Java, Clojure, Angular, Node.Js, etc.


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